12月26日にFAKY "Christmas Event 2017"開催決定!!
We will have FAKY "Christmas Event 2017" on Dec. 26th!!

今年メジャーデビューそして初ワンマンライブを開催したFAKYがChristmas Eventを開催します!!

FAKY "Christmas Event 2017"
2017年12月26日(火)19:00オープン / 19:30スタート 

都内某所 ※ご当選いただいたお客様にのみご連絡させていただきます。


50名 ※ご応募いただいたお客様より抽選でご案内させていただきます。

1,500円 (税込) ※当日会場受付でお支払いください。


①ご参加をご希望のお客様は12/15配信「Someday We'll Know (English Version)」をDLいただき、SNS上で作品をご紹介いただいた際の画像を添付、

エイベックス カスタマーサポート

To celebrate our major debut and first live in October this year, we will have FAKY Christmas Event 2017!!
Only 50 people can attend this cozy and special party!
Checking the details below, apply for this event!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

FAKY "Christmas Event 2017"
Dec 26th / OPEN 19:00 / START 19:30

Tokyo (The venue will be announced to winners by email)

Talk show and game etc +  snack and drink 

50 people (Winners will be announced by email) 

1,500yen (tax included)  ※ You will be asked to pay at the venue

> Download “Someday We'll Know (English Version)” 
> Screenshot the song you bought
> Post the screenshot on SNS
> Email your name, fellow’s name, pnone number and the screenshot you posted to . (Your fellow can be only 1 people)
> We will email back to the winners
> Don’t forget to bring your ID and money, 1500yen, on 26th.

[Application Deadline]
Dec. 20th 18:00 p.m.

*Please set up your email that you can receive the massage from 
*Please follow staff's instructions at all times. If you do not obey, we may ask you to leave or the event may be cancelled.
*At the event, the staff may touch your shoulder or arm to position the crowd.
*Please apply for the event with your parent if you are under 20 years old. People, under 7 years old, are free to join with your parents
*The email to attend the event cannot be re-issued in any case, such as being lost, disposed and/or damaged.
*we cannot refund you your money for the event.
*For safety reasons, we may check or keep your baggage.
*We are not responsible for  your property's lost and damage.
*The fee to get to the venue is paid with your own money.
*If we decide we cannot carry on the event due to circumstances, such as the facility's issues, natural disasters and strikes, it will be canceled.
*If the events are canceled or postponed, we cannot compensate the fee to get to the venues.
*Do not interfere any stores at the venues.
*Please do not contact the venues about the events.

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